Coral Triangle Oceanic Cetacean Program – Sighting Form Vessel/Observer: Sheet No:



Lat (or Area)

Long (or Area)



Distance* (m)




Data Specifications:

Cetaceans are highly sensitive to visual and acoustic disturbances. All observations should be made discretely. Direct approaches and sudden changes in vessel speed and direction are to be avoided. An observation distance of 50m or more is recommended.

Species: Please record the species identification (ID) of all cetaceans sighted. If ID is uncertain then refer to a generic name (e.g.”dolphins”).

Number: The estimation of the total number of individual cetaceans in the pod, as seen on the surface at one time.

Distance: Note the estimated distance of cetaceans sighted (e.g. bowriding, 500m) and their travel direction (e.g.N, SE) when first sighted.

Record: Whenever possible obtain ID photographs or video footage of cetaceans encountered. Please note the frame number/video counter.

Comments: Include minimal distance, sightings of newborn calves, resting/active feeding/socialising/aerials, signs of disturbance, possible threats,

Thank you for your help.

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